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Roamer Anfibio Watch C.1960's

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In 1888, in Soleure France Fritz Meyer with a team of six employees, created the Meyer company making cylinder escapements. By 1897 the Meyer company was assembling complete watches and developed their first calibre, naming it "38" in honour of Meyer's 38th birthday.

By 1905 Meyer teamed up with watchmaker Johann Studeli and growing to 300 employees 3 years later.

In 1917 "MST" purchased another watch company, "LTG" L. Tieche-Gammeter.

The two companies collaborated and Roamer would become the registered trade-marker brand name. Between the 20's to 50's the company shift into an almost self-sufficient manufacture making the parts inhouse.

By 2010, Roamer was asserting itself as one of the most excellent Swiss watch brands in the medium price range.

We are presenting a fine example of a Swiss Made gentlemen mid 1960’s - early 1970s mod. number 414-1120.012, written on the cover. Anfibio mechanical hand-winding swiss movement with the MST 430 (non-date) calibre.

The watch measures 35mm diameter excluding the winding crown and the lugs. The case is stainless steel and it is in very nice condition, with the original Roamer winding crown and a striking sunburst metallic grey dial. The signed case back states that the watch is waterproof.

The watch is in excellent condition and in perfect working order.