Vintage Hornby Wind Up Train Set
Vintage Hornby Wind Up Train Set

Vintage Hornby Wind Up Train Set

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Hornby Wind Up Train Set

Frank Hornby had introduced 'Mechanics Made Easy' which was later renamed to 'Meccano'.

After WWI, he extended the range to include model railways and simple trains that could be built and dismantled. These were unsuccessful as toys and unwilling to give up, Hornby developed a range of 0-guage clockwork trains, including the 1927 No.3 Flying Scotsman and the sought-after Private Owner vans.

Despite its dangerous mechanism, the first electric train was introduced as early as 1925, although clockwork examples remained popular.

Hornby scaled down its trains in the 1930s, to a size more appropriate for smaller homes, and introduced the successful Dublo 00 range.

The Model Train is complete and in excellent condition and is working perfectly

Gauge - O, MO passenger Set



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