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The Australian 2000 1oz Silver Millenium Dollar Proof Coin with Certificate of Authenticity

$45.00 AUD

The Australian 2000  1oz Silver Millenium Dollar  Proof Coin with Certificate of Authenticity

Encased in a Hard Plastic Capsule and Housed in a Plush Metal Case

Commemorating the New Millenium

Limited edition number 26802 of 30000

Proof 1oz Silver Coin Minted in 99.9% fine silver by the Perth Mint

The design features the three heavenly bodies - the Moon, the Earth and the Sun. In the foreground a textured surface of the moon. The Earth, above the Moon's horizon and showing the Australian continent, is featured as a gold insert. The Sun, with rays illuminating the crescent of the Earth, creates a sunburst effect at the top of the design which is pad printed in colour