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Seiko Pepsi Pogue 6139-6002

$1,490.00 AUD

Seiko entered the automatic chronograph world with its Seiko’s 6139 in 1969. The Seiko 6139 Pogue acquired its nickname from NASA Astronaut Colonel William Pogue, after it was noted he wore the yellow dial 6139-6002 on the NASA mission dubbed Skylab 4 . Colonel Pogue needed a chronograph, as the Omega Speedmaster earmarked for the mission was not issued until very close to the mission launch. He purchased the Seiko 6139 during his training period and consequently grew at ease with its functions and as a result took it on the mission along with the Omega. Resulting in the "Pogue" being now recognised as the first automatic chrono in space.


This time piece dates back to June 1976. The Seiko 6139 6002 is in excellent condition. All functions, date, day, time and chrono are working as they should.