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Seiko Pepsi Pogue 6139-6002

$1,295.00 AUD

Seiko was first in ever, in producing an automatic chronograph when they launched the 6139 movement in 1969. There are several different models with the 6139 movement but the 6139-6002 along with 6139-6005 are considered the Pogue Seikos. The watch underwent some minor changes during the production period so models from different years wont all look the same. The watch was worn by William R. Pogue on his 1973 space flight. Pogue proved that even without gravity an automatic watch still functioned well in space.  The watch became the first automatic chronograph in space.

The watch is wears 6139-6002 movement with 21 jewels that dates back to Sep 1972.

The Seiko 6139 6002 in in excellent condition. All functions, date, day, time and chrono are perfectly working.