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Seiko Pepsi 6139-6002 (Pogue)

$1,295.00 AUD

Seiko launched the 6139 movement in 1969  being the first automatic chronograph to market. There are several different models of the 6139 series but the 6139-6002 along with 6139-6005 are considered the Pepsi Pogue Seikos.  William R. Pogue wore a 6139-6002 on his 1973 space flight. Pogue proved that an automatic movement functioned in zero gravity.  The watch became the first automatic chronograph in space, a historically significant event for Seiko.


 6139-6002 movement with 21 jewels that dates to Sep 1972.


The Seiko 6139 6002 is in excellent condition. All functions, date, day, time and chrono are working perfectly.