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Seiko 7625-8233 Black Dial Sportsmatic - Circa 1960's

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Seiko 7625-8233 black dial, 38mm stainless steel case automatic movement.

The 7625 is one of the larger vintage watches from the 1960’s. The movement inside this watch is the 7625E.  This is an automatic movement and the crown is flush with the case.  The movement allows a semi quickset, the date by the midnight method. 

Seiko have a long record of continually improving their movement, so the basic design of the auto winding gear is very similar to the modern 7S26 movement.  The movement in this watch is working well, keeping good time and running overnight without stopping.  The black dial is very clean, and the hands are very clean.  The dial has the words WATER PROOF, which Seiko stopped using in the early 1970’s and they replaced it with "Water resistant".

This Seiko dates back to Oct 1968.