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Royal Australian Mint Moon Landing 50th Anniversary Gold Coin

$2,795.00 AUD

The Apollo 11 lunar landing of July 1969 was watched by an estimated 600 million viewers. Unknown to most, the first television images of humans walking on the Moon were received by two Australian radio antennas. In 2019, we mark the 50th Anniversary of one of the most significant moments of human endeavour, and celebrate the Australian technology and ingenuity that allowed the world to share for the first time that a human walked on the Moon. 

To mark this special occasion, the Royal Australian Mint has struck a one ounce gold, in a high quality proof finish. This domed coin features an Apollo 11 astronaut and the lunar module, Eagle, at Tranquility Base, with the Earth visible in the sky on reverse.

The obverse features the historic Parkes antenna pointed at the Moon along with a small portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

Limited to mintage of 750 pieces.