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King Seiko 5626-7040

$1,990.00 AUD

The earliest model of the King Seiko was produced in 1963 by Daini Seikosha Co., as a rival to the release of the 1960 Grand Seiko by Suwa Seikosha Co.

The perfection of accuracy and precision was their common driving for success, so it was inevitable that both brands “The GS and the KS” concluded their achievements by each creating a Hi-Beat timepiece.

The accuracy was so unreal for that period of time that Seiko began labelling them to be at the class ‘A’ standard for Seiko as far as accuracy was concerned.

The King Seiko came with a wide array of different cases, design styles, and most importantly standards, from a regular KS to Superior Chronometer rating, and labelled as such on the dial and case back designs.

This timepiece is a highly sought-after vintage King Seiko Chronometer in rare sunburst blue dial in all original form. The dial is crystal clear and the case retains its original lines.  The timepiece has minor scratches but overall in excellent condition for its age.

This wristwatch is definitely a collector’s item.


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