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International Society of Postmasters Commemorative Medals 1975-1977

$1,200.00 AUD

Commemorative Album With 36 Sterling Silver Proof Medals and First Day Stamps Covers.

Included Are:

36 Medals, Each Comes with A Signed Coa From International Society of Postmasters.

Many of This Set Include First Day Issues


  1. 100th anniversary of the birth of Albert Schweitzer.
  2. 700th anniversary of the founding of Amsterdam.
  3. Sun Yat-sen father of the Republic of China.
  4. The 500th anniversary of the birth of Michelangelo.
  5. European Architectural Heritage Year.
  6. 30th Anniversary of the United Nations.
  7. First U.S.-Soviet joint Space Mission.
  8. 150th Anniversary of the first steam passenger train.
  9. Liechtenstein's ancient heritage.
  10. Afrikaans Language.
  11. 100th Anniversary of the Constitution of Tonga
  12. Presentation of the Nobel Prize.


  1. 75th Anniversary of Nationhood.
  2. 70th Anniversary of the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design.
  3. 75th Anniversary of the Cayman Islands' First Postage Stamp.
  4. Admiral Michiel de Ruyter, the Netherlands' greatest naval Admiral.
  5. Millennium of the Babeenberg Era in Austria.
  6. Denmark's first International Stamp Exhibition.
  7. United States of America Bicentennial of Independence.
  8. Royal National Eisteddfod of Wales.
  9. Republic of Botswana's 10th Anniversary of Independence.
  10. Inauguration of the Japan/China cable.
  11. First coins struck in Monaco
  12. 150th Anniversary of the birth of Silvestro Lega.


  1. 100 years of Tennis at Wimbledon.
  2. 200th anniversary of the birth of Prota Matija Nenadovic.
  3. Primitive Rock Painting of the Netherlands Antilles.
  4. The Historic Traditions of Sri Lanka.
  5. 400th anniversary of the birth of Peter Paul Rubens.
  6. 700th anniversary of Sopron, Hungary.
  7. The Centenary of the Sun-Paulo / Rio de Janeiro Railroad.
  8. Czechoslovakian Folk Costumes.
  9. The First East-West Transatlantic Crossing by Steamship.
  10. The 100th anniversary of the birth of Jorgen Bronlund.
  11. Royal Society's Expeditions of 1896-1897.
  12. Fire Fighting apparatus in New Zealand.