1912  WW1 Military Compass

1912 WW1 Military Compass

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This is a fine 1912 prismatic compass manufactured for the British military just prior to the war.

Both the case and compass have the proper "crows Foot". The top of the case is marked "VERNERS PATTERN" to the left of the handle and "VI" to the right of the handle, on the other side of the crows foot.

The back of the compass is marked "H.HUGHES &SON Ltd 3983 1912" The side of the compass has the correct compass point graduation markings.

All functions operate correctly and the arrow moves to north when unlocked, thorough slowly as to be expected for an instrument of this age. There seems to be a field fix on the hinge.

The top crystal is in fine shape as is the sight line. The case is not its own, but in fine shape with no missing stitching and it dates to WWII.

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