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The “1000 Years of British Monarchy” Sterling Silver Ingots by Wellington Mint

$3,450.00 AUD

Prestigious set of 50 Sterling silver ingots from 1973 each one is engraved with a profile of each monarch's head and a depiction of a famous scene from their reign. The reverse side of each ingot gives detailed information in raised lettering within an ornate border of each ruler, dates and famous event.

CONDITION: very good original condition 

Ingot Measurements: approx. 

Length: 45mm

Width:  23mm

Depth:  6.5mm

Weight: 66 grams or 2.43 troy oz (each)

Hallmarks: Sterling 73

Original Wooden Presentation Case: excellent condition, lined with a brown velvet/ felt liner and a plastic cover insert highlighting each monarch in gold gilt lettering.